We help blind and visually impaired individuals stay in their homes and out of institutions.

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With careful consideration, Sierra Services has decided to begin opening some peer groups.

Please call us to see if your group is meeting.

Medical transportation is continuing on a case by case basis.

Please call (530) 265-2121 if you need us.

The assistance we do with the NLS Talking Books System will remain operational

although the library is almost completely open. Please have your requests ready

when you call or email them to  

We will re-evaluate our operations daily and hope to be back to normal as the State begins to open.

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We help blind and visually impaired individuals stay in their homes and out of institutions.

Sierra Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired offer full services, at no charge, to clients in the foothill communities of Nevada and Placer counties.

How does Sierra Services for the blind differ from other organizations for the blind and from other organizations serving the disabled community?

  • A federal study by the New York office of the Lighthouse found Sierra Services for the Blind is the only agency in the nation serving exclusively in a rural community.
  • Our counseling, education and transportation is a client driven service, not an institutional program. 
  • We also do not charge our clients for services which is part of our 38 year tradition. 
  • We do not duplicate expensive services already provided by other agencies, but rather use them as a resource. 
  • We are 100% self funded.
  • We have a voting membership, so the community has direct control of the organization.
  • We are aware of the unique character of blindness within the larger community.
  • We do not try to do many things, just one well.

Please visit the ABOUT US page to find out more about who we are and blindness in our community.

Who is eligible for our services?

Any resident who lives in the foothill communities of Nevada and Placer counties is eligible if the vision loss creates a change in lifestyle or impedes their normal way of living. This includes reading, driving and mobility.


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  Locally, SPD participates in this program.

Office Hours:

Monday -Friday

9 am - 5 pm

546 Searls Avenue

Nevada City, CA 95959

(530) 265-2121

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Sierra Services for the Blind

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