We help blind and visually impaired individuals stay in their homes and out of institutions.

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Sierra Services for the Blind is 100% self funded. That means that we do not take any government grant funding. We keep our doors open through private grants, fundraising, our clients generous donations, the public's generous donations and estate designations.

We have four main fundraisers through out the year:

Membership Drive: Sierra Services for the Blind is unique in that it is ultimately controlled by the membership. The purpose of the Memberships is to allow the community, and specifically the clients to maintain control of the agency.  In this manner they are assured the agency will continue to meet the needs of the client, and retain their stated purpose to provide the education and training, counseling and transportation necessary to retain the independence of the blind and visually impaired of our community.

Another aspect is the Memberships ability is to address the makeup of the Board of Directors and ensure the agency as committed to the need of the client and community.  At the Annual Meeting members can vote out members of the Board they feel are not acting in the best interest of the agency. 

Voting Memberships are in two basic categories. Annual Memberships are set in the by-laws at $10 per year. The low cost is specifically designed to allow any of our fixed or low-income clients be become members.  A Life Membership is available at $100 and many continue to donate each year. This fundraiser in February and ends a week before the Annual Membership Dinner is scheduled (first Thursday in May). If you would like to be part of this unique membership please

Lasagna & Mexican Dinner: There is fun to be had at our dinners! We have the reputation of feeding you and feeding you well. The Lasagna Dinner is usually help in February and is hand made by Richard, our Executive Director and Jeff, one of our clients. Always served with a salad, fresh vegetables and bread, you will not leave hungry. Oh and the desert...a couple of our clients just come for the desert.

The Mexican Dinner is usually held in September. People who attend are served hand made enchiladas, with salad, beans and rice. Also made by our Executive Director, Richard and Jeff, one of our clients. The people who attend enjoy this event because there is a raffle and silent auction. Things on the list are usually gift certificates for local restaurants, a free roof and gutter cleaning and perhaps a bottle of wine. Nobody ever leaves one of our dinners unsatisfied. You can find current information about either event on our CALENDAR page.

Golf Classic: The Golf Classic is one of our favorite fundraisers to put on. We have groups who have golfed with us all 13 years we have put it on and each year they tell us that they have had a good time. This event is usually held in May or June at the Dark Horse Golf Club. Your donation includes a day of golf, a bucket of balls for warm up, a cart, lunch and a banquet dinner. The raffle at the banquet dinner is incredible, many twosomes and foursomes of golf, certificates from many local restaurants, a free roof and gutter cleaning, gift packages and sometimes there is a silent auction. This past years silent auction item was a plane ride. You can find out more detailed information about this event on the GOLF CLASSIC page.