We help blind and visually impaired individuals stay in their homes and out of institutions.

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Who we are, what we do and how you can help!

WHY you should contribute to Sierra Services for the Blind?

  • Your donation will directly benefit a specific human need with in our local community (blind and visually impairment)
  • We are a small, local 100% self-funded non-profit. Your contribution stays local and circulates the community 6 times on average
  • We do not receive any government funding requiring off service management
  • All donations are tax deductible at the State and Federal level

WHAT does your contribution accomplish?

  • Transportation for our clients to and from doctor's visits, pharmacy, peer groups and all of our client related events
  • Education as the individual makes their adjustment to vision loss
  • Socialization for our clients – our peer groups and other events get people with the same disability issues together and out of the house as participating members of our community
  • Provides access for our clients with other programs like the Talking Book system provided by NLS,  California’s CTAP phone program, Meals on Wheels and other local programs
  • Advocacy when they find they are unable to negotiate a personal issue
  • Please see our SERVICES PAGE for more information on what we do

HOW can you contribute?

  • MONETARY DONATIONS - Because we are 100% self-funded, your monetary, tax deductible donations are appreciated. Public support is critical to our program.
  • BECOME A VOLUNTEER DRIVER - We are always in need of volunteer drivers to help get our clients to doctor appointments, peer groups and our other events.
  • ATTEND ONE OF OUR FUNDRAISERS OR BECOME A MEMBER – You can find more information about this by going to our FUNDRAISING/MEMBERSHIP page.
  • DONATE VISUAL AIDS –We have a lending program where we get visual aids into the hands of someone who could use them. CCTV’s, flat screen monitors/TV’s, magnifiers, talking devices, etc.
  • PLANNED GIVING – This type of giving allows the agency a more dependable platform of giving. A tax deductible donation of $100 each month becomes $1,200 a year. Just as $20 a month becomes a $240 in a year. Annual and quarterly donations are also significant. Recognition in Estate Planning is a major contribution which sustains us. Contact Richard at (530) 265-2121 to learn more about this.


There are two ways to donate monetarily. First, you can mail a check to:

Sierra Services for the Blind
546 Searls Avenue
Nevada City, CA. 95959

  You can also choose one of the online options above. If you would like to contribute another amount or set up recurring donations please contact the office at (530) 265-2121.

Other Ways to Support

Sierra Services for the Blind

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Support Sierra Services through eScrip!

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  Locally, SPD participates in this program.