We help blind and visually impaired individuals stay in their homes and out of institutions.

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Our Purpose & Mission

It is our purpose and mission to provide:

  • A comprehensive health program of peer and other counseling support
  • Provide educational support, social development and other community based programs to foster physical and mental health
  • Develop a personalized program designed to develop independence and forestall institutionalization for the blind and visually impaired of all ages.

We are able to do this by providing transportation, providing a library of visual aids and through peer groups and counseling. Sierra Services is an advocate for the blind and visually impaired. We will also help you seek other services such as the CTAP phone, audio books and other local services.

Our Organization

Like most non-profit organizations Sierra Services for the Blind is managed by a Board of Directors.  There is a voting membership, which has the power of approval over the actions of that Board of Directors.  Structured similar to stockholders, there is in the by-laws a provision which requires an Annual Meeting of the Membership. This system, and the fact some boards members are also clients, assures the agency remains committed to the original purpose, to serve the needs of the blind and visually impaired of our service area.

The Board meets monthly on the third Tuesday.  Like all boards of directors they are responsible for setting policy and directing fund raising activities, and setting the budget. Presently over half are also clients.

  • The Executive Director is responsible for the daily management of the organization, staff and all programs.  He is also the manager for fund raising, event promotion and development and the development of the budget and oversees all expenditures.  Richard, our Executive Director has been with the agency for over 25 years.
  • The Program Specialist is primarily the peer counselor. The position requires the individual to be blind or visually impaired. This position is also responsible for the development of the program for the individual, including individual counseling, placement in peer and other groups or programs, and work with the family to develop understanding for the unique needs of the client. Joe has been a client with Sierra Services for more than 20 years and took on this position in 2010.
  • The Transportation Coordinator is responsible for getting our clients to and from peer groups, medical appointments or to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and all of our events.
  • The Office Coordinator holds the responsibility for the management of the office and all client records.  This position is also responsible for helping clients with the audio book system, updating the website and handling our Facebook account. Sarah has been in this position since 2015.
  • Our Volunteers, we could not do all that we do without our volunteers. Particularly in the case of transportation, but also in the fund raising area, volunteers make the difference between success and failure of the program.  This requires volunteers, who often find the return for service on a human level far exceeds mileage paid by the organization.

Our volunteers are a vital part of our program! We are in need of people to help with our transportation services.

Interested? Please call us at (530) 265-2121 or send us an email.

Dignity Health's Community Grant allows us to continue providing transportation to medical appointments and counseling to the visually impaired in our community. This allows individuals to remain independent and manage their overall health.

Thank you!